Middle Division Update

March 03, 2016

by Fran Yellen, Middle Division Administrator

Let’s say a big thank you to the Groundhog!! An early spring is on the way this year!!! We are ready for it at the Middle Division.

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the school year. We are back from Costa Rica, preparing for the Science Fair, planning the seventh grade trip to Philadelphia and tackling the Presidential Election. We also manage to find time to unwind and have some fun.

There is big news in the world of MS Sports. We are starting our first track team!! Twenty eight students showed interest in joining the team. We are sure to give other schools a “run” for their money. Softball tryouts are around the corner and the Lightning are ready for another great season. And, of course, the boys basketball team won their third straight MSAL championship! We couldn’t be more proud of our middle school athletes.

There is another “team” ready for competition at the MS: the Gettysburg Address team! Interested students from all grades memorized the entire Gettysburg Address and are entering an “in school” competition to see not only who could memorize the entire Address, but who can deliver it with emotion and gusto. The winner from each MMFS division will compete in the National Competition, to be held at the Eagle Hill School in April. The competition is very inspirational and dramatic. We will keep you posted on the winners!

Broadway Here We Come! The entire cast and crew of The Lion King Jr. will head to the Minskoff Theater to see the Broadway Production of The Lion King. Everyone will surely be inspired by this production and energized for our very own MS production of The Lion King Jr., which we will present next month. It is a must see event for the Mary McDowell Community.

Spirit Week was a big success! The last week of February is usually a time when the winter doldrums hit. We snap the middle school students and staff right out of them with a surprise Spirit Week Attack!! We began by leaving hints and messages around the school to signify that something was brewing and then made an announcement to let the games begin. For three days, we chose themes for a friendly competition to declare which homeroom had the most school spirit. We entered the “Star Wars” galaxy, dressed up as “Dead or Alive Rock n’ Roll Stars” and explored the subject of “Inside Out”. Each theme could be interpreted literally or figuratively. The week ended when we cheered for MMFS with our school colors and a dance party. We are ready to get through the rest of the winter!!

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