Middle Division Spirit Week February 23-27, 2015

April 01, 2015

By Fran Yellen, Middle Division Administrator and Afterschool Coordinator

Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you hear it? The signs were all there, but middle school students were in suspense wondering what the big secret was. Finally, all was revealed. SPIRIT WEEK 2015 was descending upon the middle school. Spirit week is a weeklong series of contests, costumes, and crazy antics pitting homeroom against homeroom, designed to perk everyone up in the middle of this crazy, long, cold winter.

During the week of February 23rd, teachers and staff welcomed the students each morning with music appropriate for the theme, a decorated entryway, and crazy costumes. Monday was Zombie Day!! We saw plenty of gore, blood, and under eye circles, and that was just the teachers. The students were haunting! We had a zombie video game of Plants vs. Zombies, a crypt awakening, and a zombie paradise with the Cranberries song “Zombie” playing in the background. Tuesday was MMFS School Spirit Day. It’s not easy being green, but we all were. It was a fun day and a wonderful way to support our Lightning Girls Basketball Team. On Wednesday, we kicked it ‘Old Skool’ style. We had many interpretations of this fun theme from “RUN DMC” to a 60th MMFS middle school reunion to a bucket drumming circle. We had very elderly students, the “Beastie Boys,” and a shuffle down the Soul Train line. On Thursday, we traveled to far away galaxies for our Space Oddity Day. “David Bowie” made an appearance, astronauts, Darth Vader, Yoda, all sorts of aliens. You can’t imagine the skits and presentations that each homeroom presented. Our final day of Spirit Week was a really good day; the Cartoon Network come to life! We all were cartoon, comic book, and animated characters. We had minions, Looney tunes, video game characters, Peanuts, and the Simpsons! The whole middle school met in the gym for homeroom spirit prizes, a final dance party, and ice pops for everyone!!

At the end of the day, we awarded trophies to the best from each grade. Seok-Heon House won for 6th grade, Lister House won for 7th grade and Rustin House won for 8th grade. The truth is, not a single homeroom will remember who “won” this year. They will only remember the energy that flowed on a frigidly cold February week, and the laughter of all the students and staff each morning as we spied each other dressed up for the first time and the good will and support each student and each teacher gave one another. There were Spirit Week miracles! We watched shy students do hip hop, quiet students shout and participate, and everyone was enthusiastic and wanted to be part of this phenomenon. We have already begun a list of ideas for next year and the students have been adding to it … Bring it on!!

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