Alumni Spotlight: Ramsey Haddad

January 15, 2018

Ramsey Haddad was enrolled at MMFS from the age of six through his eighth grade year. As the upper school had not yet been established at the time, he transferred to Xavier High School and then went on to attend college at Tulane University. Ramsey graduated from Tulane in May 2017, and has since been working as a financial planner. In college, he initially majored in Management with the goal of opening his own restaurant. Over time, he chose to add Finance for a double major, in order to diversify his skill set. In choosing a college, Ramsey says it’s important to know the city or location that you want to be in, and to like the weather! During college, Ramsey attended a study abroad program in Madrid. He was grateful for the opportunity, as the program enabled him to travel around Europe. Of his time at MMFS, Ramsey says the school helped him learn to appreciate who he is as a person, and to be accepting of differences. In his free time, Ramsey watches sports and plays chess. His career goal is to own his own fund one day.

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