Alumni Spotlight: Maverick O’Neal

June 15, 2017

Maverick O’Neal came to Mary McDowell Friends School in the ninth grade and graduated four years later as part of the first upper school graduating class of 2014.

In searching for the perfect college to attend after MMFS, Maverick researched colleges that offered business majors and visited their campuses. The schools where he felt the most comfortable and at home were the ones to which he applied. He eventually settled on Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, where he studied International Business. Maverick praised Lynn for the support and help it offers to students with and without learning disabilities.  

While in college, Maverick opted to participate in the university’s “3.0” program, which accelerated his course load and allowed him to graduate in three years instead of four. Lynn describes this program as being for “students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement during their high school career and are highly motivated” and is only available to students who qualify. Maverick graduated with a bachelor’s degree this May, making him the first MMFS upper school graduate to graduate college!

Since moving to Florida, Maverick has taken up wakeboarding and goes to the beach once or twice a week. With his accelerated coursework, having time to participate in nonacademic activities helped to ease the stress. Currently, Maverick is on a much needed vacation in the Dominican Republic. When he returns, he will look for an internship while he takes classes towards his graduate degree.

In remembering MMFS, Maverick credits the school with giving him a great high school experience and some of the best friends he has ever had. When asked what practical advice he could provide to the Class of 2017, he said, “One of my toughest classes was Global Financial Marketing because I had a very tough professor. The best thing to do in this scenario is to find another student in the class who can help you.”

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