Alumni Spotlight: Matt Fischioni

March 03, 2023

MMFS alumnus Matt Fischioni (‘17) is a testament to the power of using your resources and stepping out of your comfort zone. A recent graduate of Dean College, Matt chose the school for its small, easy-to-navigate campus. He originally intended to study photography, though he soon discovered that Dean didn’t offer it as a major. Matt quickly shifted his focus to Communications, though he still maintained a specialization in visual arts.

Though some of the classes (especially those outside of his major) were difficult, Matt found new ways to tackle all the challenges that college life could throw at him, learning quite a few tricks that he has graciously shared with our graduating seniors. One helpful practice was creating a daily To-Do list, which Matt said “allowed me to have a clear mind and gave me something to look forward to each day.” He also encourages students to make use of all the resources their future colleges will offer and not shy away from asking for help when they need it.

After graduating from Dean, Matt returned to MMFS as an A/V Event Specialist for the upper school, where he records and livestreams events across all three divisions. Chief Technology Officer Bernie McCormick gives him nothing but praise, sharing, “It has been a real pleasure going from working with Matt as a student to having him become a valued member of my team and the larger community.” In addition to his work in A/V, Matt has started substitute teaching at the school, which has sparked his interest in becoming a teacher, full time. In particular, he hopes to combine this newfound interest in teaching with his love of cinema (which he became passionate about during his college years).

We’re so grateful to Matt for sharing his wisdom with our seniors and can’t wait to see where his dedication and adaptability will take him next.

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