Alumni Spotlight:
Maddie Radcliffe

April 03, 2020

Maddie Radcliffe joined the MMFS community in second grade and is a member of our very first graduating class. During her time as a student, Maddie learned skills like grammar, study habits, research strategies, and how to write a flawless essay. But the most notable lessons came from learning to write through her tremors and manage her speech delay. Grateful and cognizant of the ways MMFS supported and worked with her to overcome her challenges, Maddie had clear expectations for the college she planned to attend. She toured and toured until she found the right fit in Pace University. “When I got to Pace, I finally felt the same atmosphere I had felt at MMFS, and knew I had to go there no matter what.” Maddie spent her senior year putting in the work required to earn that acceptance letter. She graduated with a degree in art in 2019. Way to go, Maddie!

Now Maddie works as a team leader at Punkinfutz, a company her mother started because she saw a need for more inclusion in therapeutic play products for kids. Each day, Maddie manages a team in the packaging process, but that is just the beginning of her work. She also uses her art expertise as the primary animator for the posts on the company’s instagram account. A dedicated artist since the age of 3, Maddie designs and hand draws each post herself. She creates a new visual every week and loves taking the opportunity to express herself through humor and art. Check out one of her videos here!

We are so proud of Maddie and the work she is doing to provide inclusive toys to kids everywhere. Her advice to students, faculty, and everyone else in the MMFS community is to always remember that the sky is not the limit. You set the limits.

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