Alumni Spotlight:
Jake Price, Class of 2016

January 08, 2021

For Jake Price (‘16), learning has always been about tearing down walls. He transferred to MMFS in the middle of 9th grade and considers the advisory program as integral to his adjustment and success. “My advisor sat me down, helped me do my work, and gave me good advice. I could always go to her to have a good laugh.” That advisor, current Dean of Students Mary DeLouise, remembers Jake as a social and highly engaged student, as well as an academic leader and an example for others. “Jake was always a fun person to teach and to have in the advisory. He also came to know when it was time to get serious about his work. Regardless of his learning disability, Jake was ready to take on the next challenge.”

College was always Jake’s goal. With the support of our college guidance department, he enrolled in the University of Denver’s Real Estate and the Built Environment program. “When I was applying to college, I noticed that some colleges don’t have supports. I chose Denver because they have a whole program for LD students.” Where MMFS offered Jake a window into understanding his learning disability, the JETT program at the University of Denver allowed him to mentor other students.

Jake graduated in the spring and is continuing his study of real estate in a master’s program at the University of Denver. He is getting hands-on experience with real estate as well by renovating a house in Denver. He is excited to put on the finishing touches after a summer of demolition, installing new floors and walls, and building a new basement.

A bit of advice from Jake to students at MMFS, especially seniors: “College was hard at first. You have to find your own time to meet tutors and advisors and you have to put in the extra time because you have an LD. You have to manage your time when you have an LD. But also there is nothing wrong with taking your time. Take a gap year, take your time. There shouldn’t be any stigma about it.”

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