Alumni Spotlight: Gabrielle Fox-Denizé

December 15, 2017

Gabrielle Fox-Denizé attended MMFS from ages 8-17, and was a member of the first graduating class. After graduation, Gabrielle attended Wheaton College for two years. Coincidentally, as she was considering the option to study abroad, her parents announced they would be moving to England, so she joined Goldsmith University’s program and continued to pursue her interests in psychology and other subjects. Currently, Gabrielle is taking a semester off to explore different fields after having held a variety of jobs in theater.

In comparing her education in the US to her education in the UK, Gabrielle notes that she learned that the professor’s interaction with both grading and feedback are much different. “Pay attention to study strategies, listen to constructive criticism, and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself with professors.” Gabrielle’s most rewarding course was multicultural psychology. Although the class was writing intensive, she noted that “I saw myself growing in this class and I ultimately learned if you enjoy the subject matter, the work is worth it.” Gabrielle is currently looking to transfer back to the US, hoping for a larger academic challenge. In her free time, Gabrielle is working, hanging out with friends, running, and reading for leisure.

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