2017 MMFS Lightning Poetry Contest

December 21, 2017

MMFS Lightning Poetry

The 2017 MMFS Lightning Poetry Contest had another fabulous turnout! A total of 66 students from across the elementary, middle, and upper schools spent several weeks working closely with faculty to prepare. Each student selected a poem, memorized it, and rehearsed his/her/their presentation. In the elementary school, the work of Shel Silverstein was most popular, and in the the upper school, Robert Frost. Two 6th grade students paired up for their poem, and combined ASL with spoken word. Eight upper school students teamed up to present a group poem, and provided the judges with original drawings as supportive visuals. It was so inspiring to see the breadth of creativity brought forth by these ambitious students! It was also incredibly moving to witness how positive and courageous they were throughout the process. One student settled her nerves by counting “3,2,1” to herself before launching bravely into her piece. Another student, determined to finish what he started, advocated for himself to receive teacher support throughout the presentation of his poem, and persevered to the end. Students applauded for each other, and congratulated the winners once they were announced.

I am so pleased to share with you here the names of the 2017 MMFS Lightning Poetry Contest winners: in the elementary school, Nicholas D was the winner of the younger set, and Maya M was the winner of the older set. In the middle school, Caroline C was the winner for the entire division. In the upper school, there was a four-way tie between Olivia W, Scott R, William D, and Avi MS. Congratulations to all – I am so proud of the work you have done! Click here to view a slideshow of the contest, featuring all of the participants.

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