Quaker Practice: Simplicity



At MMFS, we work to learn what is most central to one another’s lives, needs, and concerns. The testimony of simplicity allows us to connect with simple truths and a search for what within us is uncomplicated by external or extraneous concerns. We value the spirit over the material.

Simplicity asks us to be mindful, to seek to understand how we might balance our energies and resources to attend to the good of ourselves, our communities, and our world. We attempt to keep popular culture in perspective at school to avoid distraction from what we are learning in the classroom. We explore the relationships between simplicity and each of the other testimonies. Where can we make simple expressions of peace? How do we keep integrity central? What is basic to our community? How do we practice stewardship effectively? In sharing these processes, we find the joy and address the challenges of keeping simplicity in focus.

Simplicity helps us to live to the point, to clear the way to the best, to keep first things first.

Robert Lawrence Smith, A Quaker Book of Wisdom

People accomplish
Little things

MMFS Student


  • How is simplicity lived within our school?
  • How do we express simplicity in our actions?
  • How can we keep things simple?
  • What simple truths or events do we see and share?
  • What simple acts help us to practice truth?
  • How can simplicity help us to meet challenges and find solutions?
  • How do we find simplicity to free us to do what is worthwhile?

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