Building Your Anti-Racist Practice: An MMFS Residency

February 26, 2024

Professional Development days are a staple of every school calendar. They provide time for teachers and staff to continue their own education in order to become better educators.

February’s Professional Development days were devoted to equity work with “Building Your Anti-Racist Practice,” MMFS’s first professional development residency, led by four distinguished leaders in the field of antiracism and equity: Jason Craige Harris, Jenna Chandler-Ward, Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Hilary North-Ellasante. This panel of experts worked with MMFS faculty and staff over the course of four days, holding workshops and offering coaching for individuals and groups. The residency addressed antiracist and equitable classroom practices and a range of topics from curriculum to communication, and relationships with colleagues, students, and families.

The program had clear goals: For BIPOC identifying faculty and staff, the objective was to center healing and joy by being in community, and modeling that practice for students. For multiracial identifying faculty and staff, the work focused on discovering and celebrating healing and joy as multiracial people; exploring multiracial accountability and solidarity; and considering the abundance of “geographies of the ‘in between.’” The goals for white identifying faculty and staff were about integrating antiracist practice and learning to interrupt racist moments.

In conjunction with the residency, we offered two family workshops with Jason and Jenna about incorporating antiracism practice into family life.

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