MMFS Alumni Spotlight – Gillian Sherman

December 06, 2018

What college do you attend and how did you come to this decision?

I am currently a senior at Guilford College located in Greensboro, North Carolina. I decided to look at Guilford after hearing about it from my college counselor, Amy Salomon-Kohn. When I looked more into the college, I loved the core values and intimate community feel. The close student-to-professor relationships were rare and a distinct as part of a Quaker community. I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere and it felt like a perfect fit for me.

What is your major? Did you start with that major in mind or did you switch majors after arriving at college?

My major is English and Media Studies. I initially started out as an Education Major (ironically I’m applying to graduate school for education right now), but writing has always been my passion (a love that started because of my English teacher, Abraham Maneri), so it just felt natural for me to study literature and writing.

What has been your toughest class so far and how did you get through it? Do you have any study tips for our graduating seniors?

My toughest class so far was my Contemporary Fiction class that I took my junior year. In the class we discussed really complex and sophisticated topics. It was a writing-intensive class with a special focus on literary analysis and rhetoric composition. I spoke with my professor on a regular basis and used the learning resource and tutoring center to help ensure that I excelled in the class. The best academic advice I can give to graduating seniors is to get to know your professors. All of your professors will have something called “office hours” where they are literally sitting in their office waiting to help you. Take advantage of it. Go and talk your professors and make sure they know who you are.

Tell us about any other interesting activities and/or traveling that you have been involved in.

Travel-wise, I spent four months abroad this past spring studying in Seville, Spain. That was a really incredible opportunity that I absolutely loved. You can read more about my abroad experience here: have also worked at Guilford’s Office of Student Leadership and Engagement for three years. I love working there and being a part of that office has been a great opportunity. I have had many great experiences; for instance, I got to help plan and run Guilford’s annual musical festival, Serendipity, two years ago.

Is there anything else that you’d like to tell the MMFS community, the outgoing seniors specifically?

For the graduating seniors specifically, be proud of your accomplishments! Wherever you end up, whether it is college, trade school, or a job, do something that makes you excited to get up in the morning. Especially as students with learning disabilities/differences, remember that there is no shame in saying that you have a learning disability/difference, or in asking for help. Also, keep in touch with your teachers after you graduate! They want to hear about your success and will offer support if you struggle. I still keep in touch with several of my teachers, even years after I graduated.

What kind of impact did MMFS have in your life? How did MMFS help to prepare you for college?

MMFS has affected my life profoundly, giving me confidence again in my academic abilities, something I had lost in public school. MMFS also gave me some of the most impactful and important relationships of my life. I’ll never be able to fully put into words how much MMFS has helped me (these short sentences don’t do this whole question justice), but the teachers have without a doubt changed my life for good. A great way in which MMFS helped prepared me for college was to teach me self-advocacy skills.

What is the next step for you? Do you have career plans in mind?

I am currently applying to graduate school for education. After graduation (in May 2019) I’ll definitely take a little bit of time off, but I would love to go on to work with special education students in the future.

Anything else you’d like to share?

MMFS will always have a special place in my heart and I love hearing about all the exciting things happening!


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